Identification & Classification of Bellarine Peninsula Limestone Clay Sites

We have a Seminar & Excusion scheduled for February 28th, 2019

  • Venue - Mt Moriac Hotel, 1115 Princess Highway, Moriac, Victoria
  • Seminar in the morning and an excursion to 3 sites in the afternoon
  • Early Bird Registration closes Friday 15th February

For more information and how to register click here



Soil moisture differences

There is a distinct difference in soil moisture in the far Western suburbs of the capital cities along the east coast. This occurred during the recent El Nino and will probably cause new slab deflections once the rains take effect (Hedra Notice Board, April 2016).

HEDRA’s  Second quarter for 2016 in Southern Chapter  




  • Seminar for Engineers and Arborists in Melbourne on April 15th.

“Engineering for trees and infrastructure in a changing climate”


  • Seminar for senior engineers on design and PI insurance in Geelong on May 20th.

New demands for Residential Engineering in Changing Times” + “P.I. and run-off cover.”


  • Talks are under way to bring NSW and Victoria together in Wodonga – June 2016.  Speakers from both states will be invited.


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